Shamba Lion Sound System

Shamba Lion Soundsystem is a national and international operating Reggae Sound System originating from Amsterdam/ Haarlem, the Netherlands.


The crew has got the reputation for incorporating many Live elements and guest singers/MC’s into their live shows for an original Sound System experience full of entertainment and interaction.

After many shows in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Surinam and more, The Shamba Lion crew is highly experienced in delivering the best Roots reggae, Rub-a-dub, Rocksteady, Early Dancehall and Quality Steppers combined with Vocals and Vibes of many talented singers and MC’s of the Shamba Lion’s world wide family.

We are available for bookings with Sound System (see picture) or as a DJ crew.

Contact us on Facebook or send an email and we will get in touch!

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The Foundation of the Shamba Lion crew & Sound System:

Jahford: Main MC, straight from Montego Bay Jamaica to Amsterdam city. The main mic man that never fails to uplift the crowd with positive vibrations. With many lyrics and chants he is always ready to interact with the crowd to make them feel irie and part of the family!

Baba Shamba: Promoter, Arranger and DJ who provides the best of funky rocksteady, swinging oldies and roots reggae. Get ready for a journey along reggae’s early classics and obscure specials, definitely a warm up to make the crowd hot!

Ray Ranking: Main DJ, Operator and MC with a Rootical Reggae expertise. Provides the finest of heavy bass reggae and his early dancehall toasting, along with many exclusives, dubplates, pre-releases and own productions to make the crowd move their feet on positive frequencies and heavy basslines! Also active as a producer with his record label: Ghetto Cornerstone.

Shamba Lion is a Big Family and Musical Collective; next to the foundation the family exists of many talented people like: Papa Hobbol, SharpShooter, Dr.Wildread, Tyrone Stepper, Lykle, Real Rockers, Loddy Culture, Priti Pangi, Adam Chemwengo, Crucial T, Ras Ruben, Tesfa Zion, Funky Vinyl.


Besides the shows and sound system, Shamba Lion is actively involved with the Amsterdam based record label and  studio Ghetto Cornerstone. 

Here Ray Ranking works on Riddims & Productions with artists like: Prince Alla, Real Rockers, Pzed, Rapha Pico, Tesfa Zion, John Chewy and more...

Providing Shamba Lion is with an arsenal of dubplates, exlusives, specials and pre-releases.

Ghetto Cornerstone Bandcamp



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